Meet our competition organiser

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Ingrid Shevlin has been a journalist for 30 or so years, she wrote a food column for the Sunday Tribune for close on 20 years. Now retired she has the time to focus on her passion for all things food and coffee related. And eating out – she never tires of that- and keeping with her food website and Facebook page Shrewd Food.

She also set up Cafe Society, now in its 17th year, a coffee competition run in the Sunday Tribune which is aimed at promoting the industry, coffee drinking and helping readers become better informed about all things coffee.

This is her first venture into the world of shisa nyama and in her words “what a fascinating world it is proving to be”.

We thank Ingrid for her invaluable contribution to the organising the awards process in to the credible competition body it has become; along with organising all our judges.